Friday, 9 September 2011

Infatuated Friday: Vegan Food Edition!

Welcome back to another episode of Infatuated Friday.  This week in honour of Vegan Week I have decided to use that as a theme.  I have been finding lots of awesome food to be loving this week (and I am not even a real vegan):

Holy heck, I have come very close do doing myself an injury with this.  It is super smoky and SUPER hot.  I have been mixing it in with pretty much every savoury thing I eat.  You know when stuff is so spicy it gives you hiccups?  That happened.  Go with caution.

I like to jump on trends once they have been around for a little while and are verging on no longer being trendy.  Like I have only just seen the new Harry Potter.  I also made my first EVER friendship bracelet about 2 weeks ago.  I know.  Last night I made this for the first time.  It is banana ice cream made by pureeing frozen bananas.  You can add things like peanut butter (!) or cocoa powder.  It is so good.  Like, so good.  And then I was like "oh man, I'm so naughty, I totally just ate a bowl ice cream" but wait!  It is magically just a serving of fruit.  Amazing.  Possibly more magical than Harry Potter?

And finally:
Holy.  Cow.  These are raw and vegan and have five ingredients (which you probably have all of in your cupboard right now. They were invented by this lady and you can find the recipe here.  They are seriously so much better than you could ever imagine.  More than the sum of their parts.  So much more.  Please go make these right now.

And those are (a few of) the things that I am loving this week.  Next time I speak to you it will be Infatuated Friday: AMERICAN ROAD TRIP EDITION!

I hope you all are finding lots of things to love this Friday.


  1. I have been meaning to make that banana icecream for so long! As soon as the weather warms up here I must do it! Yum.

    Katie x

  2. Oh man those raw cookies look so gooooood! bookmarked :D